Brooms  Hi there.  It Desmond again.  Sorry, I have not written to in a while.  I have been enjoying the springtime in Carolina.  I am taking the weekend off and chillin’ in the backyard.  When it gets too hot, I just bark and Eric will let me in to the air-conditioned house.  It feels SOOOOO good.  But I deserve some relaxation.  Why? I went back to work last weekend in Concord, NC.

It was “Breakthrough weekend” for me in Concord.  First, it was a clean sweep of the RR breed judging.  A BOB wins on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Next, I won my first Group placement in the Hound group on Friday.  And then topped the weekend off by winning the Hound Group, Group 1, on Sunday.

I would like the judges for recognizing me with a Group 1 win and two Group two Placements.

Friday:  Breed:  Dr. Anthony DiNardo – BOB    Group:  Dr. Anthony DiNardo  – G2

Saturday: Breed: Mr. Mike Jackman – BOB  Group:  Ms. Rosana Beatriz Camargo Knapp Dos Santos – G2

Saturday: Breed:  Ms. Rosana Beatriz Camargo Knapp Dos Santos – BOB  Group: Mr. Mike Jackman – G1  (My first group win!)

There was a downside to the weekend.  I did not get to go dock diving like everyone else. I am mad at Daniel and Eric for not letting me dock dive.  The dogs were having so much fun.  I want to do that.  I know I can swim.  I was told since I had to take part in the groups, I could not dock dive.  Ughh.

I will get back to you in about 10 days.  I am off to WV for a weekend dog show.  Then a week from Tuesday, I am getting my picture taken by Steve Moore.  Steve is working on a project to take pictures of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in all 50 states.  He just finished Vol.1 and I will probably be in Vol. 2.  He is a link to his web site.  Steve is even going to take a picture of my brother.

steven moore photography ridgebook vol I

Time to go.  See you next week.



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