Springtime in the Carolina

As you saw from the last post, we had a tough winter in the Carolinas.  We had a huge snow almost 6 weeks ago that left me without power for 5 days.  Tree limbs were everywhere.  And finally, the workers have been picking up the limbs.

But all is not bad with tree limbs being on the ground.  Landry, my brother, and I have been able to chase more squirrels.  The squirrels have gotten wise to Landry and I and started hanging out by the back fence for quick getaways.  It exercise is getting me in shape for Lure Coursing.

Finally, I took a small Spring Break trip.  We took a trip to the beach or the dog show @ the beach.  I took part in the in the Myrtle Beach Kennel Club at the end of April.  Eric and I did well.  I won Best of Breed on Saturday and Select Dog on Sunday.  I also took part in the “Parade of Champions” on Sunday.  We saw several Grand Champion Dog, service dogs, and other dog who meet the special needs of their owners.  It was great.  Look, I’d better go.  I am getting ready to meet ‘G-mama’ in a couple of weeks when I go to a dog show in Kingsport, TN.  Kingsport is Eric’s home town.

Auf Wiedersehen




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