Sad Day in NC

Hi there.  It Desmond.  It is raining AGAIN here in North Carolina.  The weather kinds fits the mood around the house.  Eric and Ava are in mourning tonight.  One of my Maine Coon brothers, Bogart, died this evening.  It was very sudden.  He died from a heart issue that had him panting for air.  Eric threw Landry and I into our dog cages and raced Bogart to the emergency vet.  But there was not too much they could do for him at the Emergency Vet.  He had too much fluid in his lungs.  So the Vet put Bogart to sleep so he would not suffer.


We will miss you Bogart :`-(

I am going to miss chasing Bogart around the house.  Bogart was such a great cat.  He did not have a “mean bone” in him.  He pretended to hide his food by covering it up with our wooden floor.  It was so funny.  Bogart would always position himself in the most visible position when visitors came to the house.  The visitors would see him and be forced to pet him.  Bogart did not meow.  Bogart trilled when he was happy.  It was such a pleasant sound even for dogs.  He loved sitting on Eric’s chest and giving kisses.  I also used love seeing Bogart and Henry, the tuxedo Persian cat, clean each other.  The cleaning would progress into love nips, and then a cat fight.

Bogart, however, was Ava’s baby.  She bought him as a kitten when Ava was living in Texas.  She took care of him after one of other cats, Griffin, died.  He would jump on the bed and kiss Ava.  He would also sit by our bedroom and pose when the stomach clock went off at about 5:30am in the morning.  Bogart was also in charge of the watch to see when Eric and Ava would get home.  One of the cats was always on watch.  When Eric and Ava arrived, Bogart would be sitting on the piano waiting to greet us back home.  It also gave Landry and I time to clean up from our misdeeds.

I better go, but please share all your stories about loved pet companions that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.



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