Presto – It’s Magic

It is Desmond the Great 🙂  Why Desmond the Great?  Well, I learned a new profession this week.  I am now a magician in addition to being a locksmith.  How did I become a magician?  Let me tell you.

It was a Thursday night.  Ava and Eric were watching TV and really not interested in Desmond.  Ava always tries to keep me out of the master bathroom.  So I decided it was a great time to explore. So I did with my two assistants, BB and Sassy.  In the very back of the Master Bathroom is Ava closet.  My two assistants really wanted to go into this closet.  There could only be one logical reason the cats would want in and Ava and Eric would not want us in the closet, FOOD.  So I used my locksmith skills and open the door.  I enter the closet with my two assistants and we disappeared after the door closed behind us.  Desi playing with Yarn

We got to work as we disappeared from Ava and Eric.  We started working on our wires for flying.  We found a basket full of yarn.  So my assistants and I got to work.  We had about 90 minutes of peace and quiet.  Just one problem, we were too quiet and Ava and Eric started looking for us.  Eric finally heard us even thought we tried to keep quiet.  Ms. Sassy had to play with the yarn ball.  I wish I had a camera so I could take the picture on Ava’s face.

Right now, Ava is helping me learn a new magic trick for my performance.  How to disappear to the dog house 😦  I hope to talk to you soon as soon as Ava tells me how to return from the doghouse.



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