Enjoying Retirement

It’s Desmond again.  It has been a while since I last wrote.  I thought today was a good day to write.  Today, Valentine’s Day was the first day I meet my new owner, Ava and Eric King.

Desmond New Home

It was also the day after Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club.  So I thought it was a good day to catch up with me.  Did you agree with the judge’s choice for BIS?  Just curious.

I am retired from the show ring.  I did retire after winning SELECT DOG at the last RRCUS National Championship.  But that does not mean things have not been interesting.  I also got a new Rhodesian Ridgeback sister, Lucy, just before Thanksgiving.  So I now have to share time with my Mom and Dad.  She is just a puppy, just over 6 months old.  I will keep you updated on her exploits since I have more free time.  

Talk to you soon




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Brooms  Hi there.  It Desmond again.  Sorry, I have not written to in a while.  I have been enjoying the springtime in Carolina.  I am taking the weekend off and chillin’ in the backyard.  When it gets too hot, I just bark and Eric will let me in to the air-conditioned house.  It feels SOOOOO good.  But I deserve some relaxation.  Why? I went back to work last weekend in Concord, NC.

It was “Breakthrough weekend” for me in Concord.  First, it was a clean sweep of the RR breed judging.  A BOB wins on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Next, I won my first Group placement in the Hound group on Friday.  And then topped the weekend off by winning the Hound Group, Group 1, on Sunday.

I would like the judges for recognizing me with a Group 1 win and two Group two Placements.

Friday:  Breed:  Dr. Anthony DiNardo – BOB    Group:  Dr. Anthony DiNardo  – G2

Saturday: Breed: Mr. Mike Jackman – BOB  Group:  Ms. Rosana Beatriz Camargo Knapp Dos Santos – G2

Saturday: Breed:  Ms. Rosana Beatriz Camargo Knapp Dos Santos – BOB  Group: Mr. Mike Jackman – G1  (My first group win!)

There was a downside to the weekend.  I did not get to go dock diving like everyone else. I am mad at Daniel and Eric for not letting me dock dive.  The dogs were having so much fun.  I want to do that.  I know I can swim.  I was told since I had to take part in the groups, I could not dock dive.  Ughh.

I will get back to you in about 10 days.  I am off to WV for a weekend dog show.  Then a week from Tuesday, I am getting my picture taken by Steve Moore.  Steve is working on a project to take pictures of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in all 50 states.  He just finished Vol.1 and I will probably be in Vol. 2.  He is a link to his web site.  Steve is even going to take a picture of my brother.

steven moore photography ridgebook vol I

Time to go.  See you next week.



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New Collar for Desmond

Hi all.  It is Desmond again.  It now the Dog Days of Summer or it is suppose to be the Dog Days of Summer.  There has not been a single day with temperatures above 90 degrees.  Anyway, the dog show is in town. 

 Ava finally got to see me at the show.  After the show, she saw some beautiful beaded collars.  So Desmond got a new collar!  He will be wearing the collar next month when he makes the trip to Utah for the Rhodesian Ridgeback National show. 

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Trip back home to Kingsport

Hi all.  This update has been a little late.  I wanted to tell you about my trip to Kingsport, Tennessee in mid May.  That’s the home town of my owner.  We headed there for a weekend show and meet my Grandma and Grandpa.  So we got there fine and settled down in the hotel.  It was COLD.  There was actual frost on the grass in May!

We just had one ‘little’ problem.  My usual handler, Greg Strong, did not make the trip.  His RV broke down in VA and could not make the trip.  We did not get word until Saturday morning so Eric had to scramble to find a handler.  We did and show went on.  The funny thing was my Grandpa met someone from where he had retired.   They had a long discussion about work and why he was at the show.

So we back up and went back home to Carolina.  Enjoy your summer.

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Springtime in the Carolina

As you saw from the last post, we had a tough winter in the Carolinas.  We had a huge snow almost 6 weeks ago that left me without power for 5 days.  Tree limbs were everywhere.  And finally, the workers have been picking up the limbs.

But all is not bad with tree limbs being on the ground.  Landry, my brother, and I have been able to chase more squirrels.  The squirrels have gotten wise to Landry and I and started hanging out by the back fence for quick getaways.  It exercise is getting me in shape for Lure Coursing.

Finally, I took a small Spring Break trip.  We took a trip to the beach or the dog show @ the beach.  I took part in the in the Myrtle Beach Kennel Club at the end of April.  Eric and I did well.  I won Best of Breed on Saturday and Select Dog on Sunday.  I also took part in the “Parade of Champions” on Sunday.  We saw several Grand Champion Dog, service dogs, and other dog who meet the special needs of their owners.  It was great.  Look, I’d better go.  I am getting ready to meet ‘G-mama’ in a couple of weeks when I go to a dog show in Kingsport, TN.  Kingsport is Eric’s home town.

Auf Wiedersehen




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SNOW? What is this white stuff?

Hi all! It’s Desmond.  It’s special post today.  We are getting lots of snow here in NC.  We have about 5 inches on the ground now.  The snow has stopped, but it is sleeting.  My owner, Eric, is worried about the power lines getting coated with ice.  I have different concerns.  What is all this white stuff and when is it going away.Snow, Desmond

My feet have no idea know what to do with this white stuff.  It’s cold and feels funny.My breed is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  We are from Africa.  We are not supposed to see this much snow.  And I hear there is more coming.  Great.  I will have to update you on this snow event.  I would move back to Texas, but I hear they have had more snow and ice this year than me in North Carolina.  What is the weather in California?



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Westminster Week

Hi there.  It is Desmond again.  Sorry I have not written in a long time.  I was taking a break.  But, I thought it was a good time to start back.  Why?  First of all, they are expecting about 6 – 10 inches of snow here in NC.  The big question is will NC deal with this snow about as well as Atlanta and Dallas have dealt with snow this year.  Secondly, it is is the Westminster Dog Show in NYC this week.  I did not go this year.  I probably should have gone according to my handler Greg Strong.  It would have been a good experience but just cost too much.

I did watched the video stream of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed judging today with Ava and Eric.  I saw a lot of my pals and competition in the show ring.  I saw where Raquel Welch won BOB.  Congratulations.  I was surprised to that my fellow RR friend “The Name is Bond” won OS at Westminster.  Well done.

I wonder who will win Westminster this year.  My money is on the Portuguese Water Dog or the Skye Terrier.  Both of those dogs have been winning Best in Show on the East Coast.  What do you think?

Stay warm 🙂



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Yankee Doodle Doggie

Hi all.  Eric and Ava spent the 4th of July holiday in rainy ATL.  You will have to talk to them about wet they got at the Braves game and Stone Mountain.  Luckily, I did not go to Atlanta.  Eric and Ava thought it would be a good idea for me to learn about our country history in Washington DC over the 4th July weekend.  So I met my handler, Greg Strong, in Richmond the week before the 4th holiday.  Greg was a struggling.  He broke his arm.  So several of associates were showing the dog this week and coming weeks.


So the first dog show was on the 4th of July and the Ridgebacks were 8:30 am in the morning.  Yuck.  We were first again.  Why are the Ridgebacks always first or last in the schedule.  Oh Well 😦  Today, Sarah was showing me in the ring instead of Greg due to his broken arm.

Desmond BOB

Desmond 1st BOB

I wanted to please her so much!  So I did my best gait and stack up with the best of them.  And guess what, they pointed at me for Best of Breed (BOB).  That’s my first BOB and it also meant I had to stay later for the Hound Group.  So I waited and waited and waited.  They then got all the BOB in the hound group together for their time in the ring.  Now this was tough competing against 20 different hound breeds.  It exactly the same as the breed phase.  And I made the 1st cut.  That was great, but it was a tough group and 4 other excellent hounds won[ an Otterhound, wire-haired Dachshund, Bloodhound, and Whippet].  Maybe next time.  I went on to win a SEL and another BOB later in the weekend.  So I had fun being a Yankee Doodle Doggie over the 4th of July weekend.

I was not the only winner this month.  My Lhasa Apso brother, Landry, also got a title this week.  Landry is now a Canine Good Citizen(CGC) and Therapy Dog. 2013-07-13 10.48.45 I am now waiting on all my paperwork and titles.  Once I receive this information, I can go out with Eric to schools, libraries, nursing homes, and hospitals to help people feel good.  And we all know, it going to take a while for Bad Dog Desmond to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test  as I am still a puppy.


Look better go.  I will talk with you later.



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Sad Day in NC

Hi there.  It Desmond.  It is raining AGAIN here in North Carolina.  The weather kinds fits the mood around the house.  Eric and Ava are in mourning tonight.  One of my Maine Coon brothers, Bogart, died this evening.  It was very sudden.  He died from a heart issue that had him panting for air.  Eric threw Landry and I into our dog cages and raced Bogart to the emergency vet.  But there was not too much they could do for him at the Emergency Vet.  He had too much fluid in his lungs.  So the Vet put Bogart to sleep so he would not suffer.


We will miss you Bogart :`-(

I am going to miss chasing Bogart around the house.  Bogart was such a great cat.  He did not have a “mean bone” in him.  He pretended to hide his food by covering it up with our wooden floor.  It was so funny.  Bogart would always position himself in the most visible position when visitors came to the house.  The visitors would see him and be forced to pet him.  Bogart did not meow.  Bogart trilled when he was happy.  It was such a pleasant sound even for dogs.  He loved sitting on Eric’s chest and giving kisses.  I also used love seeing Bogart and Henry, the tuxedo Persian cat, clean each other.  The cleaning would progress into love nips, and then a cat fight.

Bogart, however, was Ava’s baby.  She bought him as a kitten when Ava was living in Texas.  She took care of him after one of other cats, Griffin, died.  He would jump on the bed and kiss Ava.  He would also sit by our bedroom and pose when the stomach clock went off at about 5:30am in the morning.  Bogart was also in charge of the watch to see when Eric and Ava would get home.  One of the cats was always on watch.  When Eric and Ava arrived, Bogart would be sitting on the piano waiting to greet us back home.  It also gave Landry and I time to clean up from our misdeeds.

I better go, but please share all your stories about loved pet companions that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.



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Presto – It’s Magic

It is Desmond the Great 🙂  Why Desmond the Great?  Well, I learned a new profession this week.  I am now a magician in addition to being a locksmith.  How did I become a magician?  Let me tell you.

It was a Thursday night.  Ava and Eric were watching TV and really not interested in Desmond.  Ava always tries to keep me out of the master bathroom.  So I decided it was a great time to explore. So I did with my two assistants, BB and Sassy.  In the very back of the Master Bathroom is Ava closet.  My two assistants really wanted to go into this closet.  There could only be one logical reason the cats would want in and Ava and Eric would not want us in the closet, FOOD.  So I used my locksmith skills and open the door.  I enter the closet with my two assistants and we disappeared after the door closed behind us.  Desi playing with Yarn

We got to work as we disappeared from Ava and Eric.  We started working on our wires for flying.  We found a basket full of yarn.  So my assistants and I got to work.  We had about 90 minutes of peace and quiet.  Just one problem, we were too quiet and Ava and Eric started looking for us.  Eric finally heard us even thought we tried to keep quiet.  Ms. Sassy had to play with the yarn ball.  I wish I had a camera so I could take the picture on Ava’s face.

Right now, Ava is helping me learn a new magic trick for my performance.  How to disappear to the dog house 😦  I hope to talk to you soon as soon as Ava tells me how to return from the doghouse.



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